This note is based on information provided by consulting engineers Mouchel.

We are still aiming for a reopening of the bridge at the end of April, hopefully before the May Fair arrives.

The scaffold is now fully erected.


Photo: Tim Gill

Divers have removed collapsed stone from the bed of the Teme. Two pallets of smaller stone were recovered. Larger blocks have been left in the river as more substantial mechanical lifting equipment would be required for their recovery. The stone has been removed from site for security reasons.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Ringway dismantled a small part of the damage bridge fabric by hand.

It had been planned to remove vegetation on Friday, but the work was not completed as the boat on site was unable to access the tree location.

The specification for the lime mortar agreed with Libby Mee, conservationist at Shropshire Council. Ringway has sourced materials for the agreed mortar mix.

Supplies of fresh stone are due to be collected from Shropshire Stone on Monday 4 April. In consequence, no work is planned for this weekend.

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