I’ve had another update from Mouchel, Shropshire Council’s consulting engineers. All being well, the bridge is set to reopen on 29 April. I’m still hoping a day or so can be shaved off this timetable. This would mean that the bridge is open for the Mayfair, which begins on 28 April.

To date, there have been eight working days for the stonemasons. One day, 11 April, was lost due to heavy rain. The stonemasons are laying around one course each day and six courses have been laid. Quoins are being dressed on site to marry into the existing stonework.

If the weather remains good, the coursed masonry should be finished by the end of this week – 15 April. The scaffold will be left in place until the pointing can be “pressed” back.

Next week, work will begin on reinstating the parapet.

The repair work is on course to finish as originally planned on 29 April.

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