This is no surprise. I predicted a few weeks back that Shropshire Council’s planners would recommend approval of the controversial plans to build a superstore and petrol station at Rocks Green on the outskirts of Ludlow. And so it proves.

This is the most controversial application to hit Ludlow in many years. It will change the character of our town. Many people say that will be for the better. We’ll have another place to shop and a better range of goods. Others fear the superstore will severely damage our town centre and our independent traders.

This is what the council planners say about the application.

Taking into account the provisions of the conditions, this proposal is considered to accord with the requirements of the current development plan as a whole including the need to protect the vitality and viability of town centres and to support appropriate retail and other economic development, taking into account sequential and impact assessments…

Furthermore it is considered:

  • That Ludlow is suitable for the form of development proposed…
  • That the proposal would not result in any significant adverse impact on Ludlow town centre…
  • That, overall, it will deliver positive impacts… by reason of the employment generation and the potential to retain and clawback trade to Ludlow.

You can read the officers’ full report here.

I can write about this application but I can’t give a view until the planning committee sits next Tuesday. I have a considerable number of questions after a first reading of the officers’ report.

There is still time for people to comment for and against this application. See my guide… If you want to speak at the meeting, you need to apply to Linda Jeavons by Friday:

12 thought on “Rocks Green superstore – planners say it should go ahead”
  1. Hi Andy

    Could you please explain why you can write about this application but not express a view until the committee sits, are there procedural rules for this?

  2. I love local democracy in this country, it does not exist. If something is in a town it should be the town that decides not some bloated beurocrat somewhere where we have to apply to speak for our district in a place that probably cannot be got to by regular working folk.
    Democracy and local views are totally ignored.

    Centrist decisions for loca issues deny democracy…what a farce…

  3. I want it to come and I want it to be somewhere like a Morrisons that will appeal to those with little money .However being Ludlow it will cater for one end of the market only the top end so welcome to Fortnum and Mason or Waitrose. There is a little done in this down retail wise for those with little money just as it always been…

    1. Ludlow already has an Aldi, the cheapest supermarket in the UK. Also a Tesco, the cheapest of the Majors, in case you hadn’t noticed. If you don’t have much much money, why would you go to a Morrisons, which is more expensive than both?

      1. Yes I Had Noticed I am not Blind .Your Comment about Tesco being the cheapest of the majors or Big 4 as they are known where do you get this from ? Try shopping in there when you are living on the minimum wage. My comment about Morrisons was a general one as I said LIKE Morrisons did you not read it properly ?
        Well whatever your thoughts or comments looks likes the die is cast and its coming and will at least bring with it Jobs albeit low paid ones..

  4. I left a comment on this application opposing it. At the time,opposition to the scheme seemed to outnumber those in favour of it by something by 220 to 10, including local businesses, the local MP and almost anyone who has a stake in the future of the town centre. We are led to believe that comments on a particular application are taken into account when making the decision. Clearly, in this case, that has not happened. What is the point of allowing people to express their opinion about a planning application if their views can be so utterly ignored? The whole thing is a waste of time and I won’t bother in future.

    1. Jonathan. Your comments will be taken into account by the planning committee. We are diligent at this. But I agree with your general point that not sufficient account has been taken on public comments in the officers’ report.

  5. This planning application has created much discussion over many a month.And with good reason.Is it about yet another supermarket in Ludlow or the chance to buy well priced clothes locally for our children?To date local shops have not provided for the need.I look forward to your comments.(see comments posted many months when Andy did a survey}

  6. What will happen to the residents with shared ownership houses which will be subject to noise disturbance which is clearly noted in the report that will be over the acceptable levels??? We will just have to suffer and lose our savings invested and now looks like a footbridge will may arrive and will probably be in an unsuitable place overlooking gardens!!!
    I also like the survey they did where apparently the local residents are mainly for the supermarket I was not asked in the survey and doubt many others were.

  7. You can never have enough choice where you buy.
    We have an excellent choice of “specialist buys ” but not enough of ” general buys “.
    Why do folks think it necessary to go to Shrewsbury or Hereford or Kidderminster to purchase items.
    Also the more petrol competition the better.

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