It’s the Save Ludlow Maternity Unit march today. We are expecting hundreds of people will turn out. Please join us. 11.30am for a 12 noon start at the Cannon in Castle Gardens.

The march will take us from the castle through the market and High Street onto King Street. We’ll walk along Tower Street. Turning onto Upper Galdeford, the marchers will pass the top of Station Drive onto Gravel Hill. Turning briefly onto New Road, the march will end in the lower hospital car park.

If you are not marching, give us a toot or a wave. This is march driven by passion for Ludlow Maternity Unit. It’s going to be cut back and we fear it will eventually close.

We will be putting rolling road blocks in place to ensure the safety of the marchers. We will keep these closures as brief as possible. Details are below.


Rolling road blocks:

King Street, High Street and Castle Street will be closed from 12 midday until around 12.30pm. Upper Galdeford from around 12.15pm to 12.45pm. Gravel Hill from around 12.30pm to 1.15pm.

Exact timings will depend on the number of marchers and their progress.

On the buses, the 701 and 722 will leave the town centre as normal at 12 noon. After that, there are likely to be delays and diversions until around 1.30pm.

I hope people will be patient. The march will be led by young mothers and there will be a lot of children walking with them. We need to ensure that everyone is safe.


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