Yesterday, I reported plans by Shropshire Housing Group (SHG) to build bungalows on the green between Charlton Rise and Sidney Road. This article brings news that SHG has also submitted plans to build bungalows behind Houseman Crescent and on a green at the end of Poyner Road.

The plans are not yet on Shropshire Council’s planning portal. I’ll add links as soon as they are. SHG has previously looked at building bungalows to replace the garages on Lacy Road but that scheme hasn’t been submitted for planning approval.

Houseman Crescent

SHG has drawn up proposals for four bungalows off Houseman Crescent at the end of Rock Lane. Eight car parking spaces will be provided.

Poyner Close

SHG is also planning two bungalows on the small green on Poyner Close. The existing garages will be demolished and replaced by five car parking spaces.

Shropshire Housing Group statement.

One thought on “Bungalows proposed for Houseman Crescent and Poyner Close”
  1. This green space is very precious to Ludlow. The green and its trees provide an open aspect to the dense housing in the vicinity.
    It provides pleasant direct access to a footpath encouraging people to walk to town. Along with many other locals we orten walk across it en route to town, enjoying the break from grey pavements and feeling the benefit from grass and trees

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