Shropshire Council today announced the candidates for the unitary elections on 4 May. This is an “all up” election – all current councillors must stand for re-election unless they are retiring.

I will be competing against three candidates in Ludlow North. They are a UKIP candidate from Hopton Court near Cleobury Mortimer; a Conservative from Billingsley near Bridgnorth; and a Green from New Street in Ludlow.

Across the county, 74 councillors are due to be elected in 63 electoral divisions (wards) – 53 single member divisions, nine 2-member divisions and one 3-member division. The current political makeup of the council is: Conservative: 46; Lib Dem: 13; Labour: 9; Independent: 5; Green: 1.

On 4 May, the line-up of candidates will be: 73 Conservative, 48 Lib Dem, 35 Green, 31 Labour, 9 UKIP and 14 Independent or Other. The full list is here. Elections will be fought in 62 divisions. Conservative David Turner will be elected unopposed in Much Wenlock.

There are twelve candidates standing for the four divisions in Ludlow and Clee.


Current councillor: Richard Huffer (Lib Dem)
Candidates: Richard Huffer (Lib Dem), Richard Wheeler (Conservative)

Ludlow East

Current councillor: Tracey Huffer (Lib Dem)
Candidates: Tracey Huffer (Lib Dem), Patricia Price (Conservative), Colin Sheward (Labour)

Ludlow North

Current councillor: Andy Boddington (Lib Dem)
Candidates: Andy Boddington (Lib Dem), Simon Harris (Conservative), Linda Senior (Green), Christopher Woodward (UKIP)

Ludlow South

Current councillor: Vivienne Parry (Lib Dem)
Candidates: Vivienne Parry (Lib Dem), Michael Penn (Labour), Fiona Pizzoni (Conservative)

2 thought on “Candidates for Shropshire Council elections in Ludlow & across county announced”
  1. this information is so useful Andy, thank you. I am worried that the extra candidates may result in an opportunity to add yet more conservative councillors to Shropshire Council.
    joyce brand

  2. Hi Andy, just a quick message to wish you the very best on the 4th May. You’ve got my vote as you’re the only one who seems to work and care for Ludlow.

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