Congratulations to Rod Naysmith from Downton View who has been elected to represent Clee View on Ludlow Town Council unopposed.

In the town centre ward of Whitcliffe, there will be an election. Phillip Adams from Corve Street will stand against Hillary Hall from The Angel. For those of you who live in the ward, election day is 20 February. Please vote. Our town council does a lot for our town and must do more as Shropshire Council plans to do less.

If the candidates for Whitcliffe Ward would like to send me a pitch on why they would make a good town councillor, I will be glad to publish it.

Meanwhile, we should thank councillors Tony Mahalski and Nicola Paton who resigned for personal reasons.

One thought on “A new Ludlow town councillor and a battle for the Whitcliffe ward”
  1. Hi Andy
    Thanks for promoting the Election for Whitcliffe Ward Town Councillor.
    I will send you some info on why I think I am a good candidate.

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