The vote on Sainsbury’s – most of you want it built but a third think it will be bad for Ludlow

On 24 July, I launched a straw poll on whether Sainsbury’s will be welcome in Ludlow. The poll was busy, with 813 votes being cast. The winning result was 480 votes in favour (59%). A sizeable group, but well short of a majority, thought a Sainsbury’s at Rocks Green would be bad for the town – 296 votes, 36%. A small number aren’t bothered whether Sainsbury’s comes to town or not – 37 votes, 5%.

Although this is an informal poll, it reflects what I hear around the town and read on social media. A majority of people are in favour of Sainsbury’s coming to Ludlow. But there remains strong opposition.

The result of my online vote

Shropshire Council is currently accepting comments on the planning application (20/00840/REM). The council’s aim is to take the application to the Southern Planning Committee on 22 September. That’s achievable providing there are no significant objections from statutory consultees.

I’ll be writing more on the details of the application in the coming days.


Due to an error on my part the results from the two voting windows were not combined while the vote was in progress. I simply made a hash of the vote setup! I have combined the results in this article.