This afternoon Shropshire Council’s Southern Planning Committee will decide on the application to construct a supermarket and petrol filling station at Rocks Green. Í am expecting the scheme to be improved but it could be better. The meeting starts at 2pm. Sainsbury’s is second on the agenda.

Members of the public can view the meeting using the link on the agenda.

The statement from consultancy WSP to the Southern Planning Committee 22 September 2020

20/00840/REM – Agent’s Statement on behalf of Blackfriars Property Group and Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Limited

The scheme before Members today represents the culmination of several years of hard work and consultation with local councillors, the local community and planning officers by the applicant. Given the well documented turbulence in the retail sector, it is a massive vote of confidence in Ludlow that Sainsbury’s are eager to invest in Ludlow and provide new employment opportunities.

Sainsbury’s are acknowledged to be one of the UK’s greenest supermarket operators and they prioritise the use of modern store design to increase store sustainability and achieve maximum energy efficiency in stores. Sainsbury’s design is bespoke for Ludlow, and uses natural materials including wood panelling and glazing. Sainsbury’s also prides itself on having amongst the lowest carbon emissions of all UK supermarket chains and Electric Vehicle Charging Points are provided within the site.

Parking spaces will be provided for shoppers in line with the requirements for a store of this size in this location. The site is also served by the 722 bus which services the residential estate to the north and runs via Dun Cow Road, in addition to the number 292 bus which passes the front of the site on the A4117 towards Cleehill.

In addition to this, Sainsbury’s are looking to create a new request bus stop on Dun Cow Road between the car park entrance and the service yard entrance. They would also be happy to allow dial-a-ride vehicles to drop off in the site, if there is a demand for this. Cycle parking is also provided on site to promote cycling to and from the store.

Level access from the footpath by the pedestrian crossing on the A4117 is provided directly into the store car park, and this caters for pedestrians and people with mobility issues.

Today presents Members with the opportunity to support the Council’s desire to see the site developed and the local economic benefits which the site is capable of bringing to Ludlow, finally realised.

Sainsbury’s investment in Ludlow will create up to 150 new local jobs in the town by the end of 2021. At a time when the local rates of unemployment in Ludlow are on the rise, this is of utmost importance.

In summary, the strongest and most consistent feedback from people is that they want the store delivered after five years of discussion. If you support the application today, Sainsbury’s will be open for next Christmas.

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