Shropshire Homes has planning permission to build nearly 80 homes  in the former quarry on Fishmore Road. The development will be called Quarry Place. Most of the homes will be grouped around a cul de sac. Shropshire Council is seeking views from councillors on naming the road. One obvious answer is that it is called Quarry Place. But we could propose another name.

I’d like to hear your suggestions before sending a selection to Shropshire Council later in the month.

Some modifications have been made to the scheme but the layout is as shown above

There have been different fashions in street names over the years. Some names like the Bull Ring are ancient and descriptive of former uses. Some reflect geography, for example Corve Street. There have been fashions for names that reflect the rural idyll the housing is usually destroying. Honey Meadow. Chestnut Grove. And some have been named after local dignitaries.

I like names that reflect history or topography and encourage people to ask the question: “Where did that name come from?” But I am open to ideas.

Shropshire Council has a duty to ensure that all roads with properties in the council area are named and all properties numbered and do not conflict with existing local names.

7 thought on “We are seeking a road name for the new housing estate to be built in Fishmore Quarry”
  1. Jonathan and I think David Lloyd should be commemorated, as a ‘local lad’, an historian and a fundraiser.  Some years ago I spoke to Veronica, the then Town Clerk, who agreed to ‘file my request’ until an appropriate site needed naming.
    David did so much for Ludlow, both in fundraising and recording its wonderful history through many books and work within the Ludlow Historical Research Group, and his name should be remembered.  He was a Mayor of Ludlow and served on many town committees, including Ludlow Assembly Rooms.  He was instrumental in raising money for St Laurence’s, and amongst other roles, was for many years Churchwarden and Chairman of the church’s Conservation Trust

  2. LTC asked residents for names for prospective roads a couple of years ago and had a list of the most popular ones suggested for when new road names were needed.

  3. Fishmore Drive or Fishmore Terrace which is what the nearby area was called back in 1900. Or revive the East Hamlet name, which has disappeared. Calling it Quarry Place seems a bit dull and lacking in character.

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