“There are no current plans for Ludlow park and ride site or connecting bus services, although it is recognised that an overall movement strategy for the town needs to be considered as part of the wider developments recently approved in the town.”

That was the statement from Shropshire Council leader Peter Nutting at last Monday’s cabinet meeting. It was in response to a question from Shrewsbury councillor, David Vasmer, who at my request asked about Ludlow’s park and ride while pressing the leader on consultation about the proposed upgrading of Shrewsbury’s park and ride service. Although Peter Nutting said there are no plans for the park and ride site, he did promise to personally investigate the problems of anti-social behaviour. After the meeting though, he made it clear that he was not promising any action.

Typical litter at the park and ride

I am frustrated that Shropshire Council still has no plans for improving Ludlow Park and Ride. It seems to be out of sight, out of mind for the council leadership. The state of the parking area is a disgrace and has been for years. Disabled parking signs have been knocked over and the parking surface is in places dangerous.

The Eco Park park and ride should be a gateway to Ludlow that our town and Shropshire Council is proud of. Instead, it is an embarrassment. It is difficult to explain to visitors why the park and ride is such a mess.

Anti-social behaviour has been a problem at the park and ride site for many years. The site is visited in the evenings by young racers and the noise from them skidding around can be heard far away. And the overnight litter is appalling. Shropshire Council’s contractors must clear fast food wrappers, bottles and nitrous oxide canisters from the site almost every day. I was initially pleased that Peter Nutting has said that he will personally investigate this. We will be holding him to that promise and look forward to his report and proposed solutions. However, Nutting has made its clear since the meeting that he has not made any promises for action.

Cabinet discussion 5 October 2020

Councillor David Vasmer, Lib Dem, Underdale, Shrewsbury. What are your plans for Ludlow’s park and ride site, and connecting bus service.

Councillor Peter Nutting, council leader, speaking for Steve Davenport Portfolio Holder for Highways and Transport. There are no current plans for Ludlow’s Park & Ride site and connecting bus service although it is recognised that an overall movement strategy for the town needs to be considered as part of the wider developments recently approved in the town.

Councillor Vasmer. Can I just say that the major issue I think there is one of security, and the, the park and ride site there is arguably one of the worst and UK, and certainly need some investment and attention. I wonder if you can give an assurance that the major issues of security and of people using it as a racetrack at night is looked at as immediately.

Councillor Nutting. I will commit to look into that myself.

Exchange of emails

Councillor Vasmer to Steve Davenport. At Cabinet, Peter gave a commitment that action would be taken to secure the Ludlow Park and Ride site – I would be grateful if you could let me know when this will be done.

Councillor Nutting to David Vasmer. Re Ludlow Park and Ride I said at council I would look into the situation and did not make any promises. I am being told that this is being commented on in The Place Plan for the area and I am also engaging with officers to fully understand exactly what is needed.

2 thought on “No backing for Ludlow park and ride improvements from Shropshire Council but promise to look into anti-social behaviour”
  1. Yet again Ludlow is sold short and deceived by Shropshire Council.

    When the original parking regime with parking meters etc was introduced after long discussions between all representative bodies, we were told our various parking permits and revenue from meters would be used for the park and ride in Ludlow, obviously less administrative costs. Not only did they increase the price of a permit last year but still haven’t spent any money on upkeep of Ludlow’s park and ride. Where is OUR money being spent, and where is the lastest breakdown of that revenue?

  2. It’s almost like a return to ages olde with tax revenue going to the central authority to spend on the people in the city and not those who paid the taxes
    They rely on the fact we just accept our lot with no visible dissent , this is more proof Ludlow is just a cash cow

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