Remember to wear your mask and take a pen or pencil. If you forget, pencils will be available but will be single use which is not a good use of resources. If you forget your mask, and who does these days, you will not be allowed into the polling station.

You do not need a polling card to vote or any proof of identity. Find your polling station.

Some people have not received their postal votes. They should ring elections on 0345 678 9015 to check they can vote in person at the polling station if they are able to get there. They could also contact their local unitary councillor who should have access to the latest electronic update of the electoral roll though many councillors will be out on last minute campaigning.

Ordinarily during the run up to elections, I would have been out door knocking and leafleting. Unfortunately, one of my knees has decided to go on strike. I have excellent and rapid treatment by the NHS, with more to come. But the main medication has been to rest the leg. Just what I need in the run up to an election! I have had great help from people delivering and have concentrated on online campaigning and through local media.

Here are the main points from my campaign and none of them will surprise readers of this blog:

  • A greener Ludlow, including more trees and biodiverse green spaces.
  • Tacking the climate emergency.
  • Support for young people, including for their mental health and wellbeing.
  • Retaining our community hospital and improving local health services.
  • Safer roads and resolving the problems with town centre traffic.
  • Better roads repaired more quickly.
  • A better park & ride and electric buses.
  • On street electric charging points.
  • More police patrols, action on speeding, and 20mph limits on residential streets.
  • Better use of public money instead of wasting it on shopping centres.
  • A stronger voice for Ludlow in Shirehall.

It is not for me to tell you how to vote. It is for me to encourage you to vote. I hope you can do so.

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