Most of Thursday night and yesterday was taken up with verification of ballot papers, aims to ensure that any ballot paper cast in a polling station is included in the count. Counting began at 7.30pm and nine seats were declared. It was a night of celebration for the Greens who gained two seats and have a high expectation of gaining a third.

Five results I’ll be looking out for today are:

  • Bishop’s Castle: Conservative David Turner who has long represented Much Wenlock has put himself up against Lib Dem Ruth Houghton, especially after his engagement in negative campaigning. Counting begins at 3.05pm.
  • Bowbrook, Shrewsbury: This could be close. Previously held by Peter Adams, Arlinda Ballcaj will struggle to retain the seat against Lib Dem challenger Alex Wagner. Counting begins at 12.20pm.
  • Copthorne, Shrewsbury: There is a every prospect that Rob Wilson will take the ward for the Lib Dems, dismissing council leader Peter Nutting.
  • Clun: Counting begins about 2pm. I am tipping Lib Dem Nigel Hartin to beat Conservative Jack Limond.
  • Whittington: Lib Dem David Walker is making his second attempt to unseat the council’s deputy leader Steeve Charmley. In 2017, the opposition vote totalled 47% but was split between three candidates. This time, it is a straight Walker vs Charmley contest. Count begins at 1.10pm.

Counts and results were delayed yesterday and we might expect the same today.

Declared seats by party (midnight Friday)

  • Conservatives: 6
  • Green: 2
  • Labour: 4
  • Lib Dems: 0
  • Independent: 0
  • Other: 0.

Declared seats by Division

  • Albrighton: Nigel Lumby. Conservative.
  • Alveley and Claverley: Elliot Lynch. Conservative.
  • Bayston Hill: Ted Clarke, Rosemary Dartnall and Tony Parsons. Labour.
  • Bridgnorth East & Astley Abbotts: Kirstie Hurst-Knight and Christian Lea. Conservative.
  • Castlefields & Ditherington: Labour Group leader Alan Moseley re-elected. Labour.
  • Corvedale: Cecilia Motley. Conservative.
  • Oswestry South: Duncan Kerr. Green.
  • Prees: Paul Wynn. Conservative.
  • Radbrook: Julia Evans. Green.


Full results. Shropshire Council is also updating its twitter feed with results. This includes live broadcast of the declaration but that is sometimes barely audible, which is what happens when you try to livestream using a mobile phone in a not spot.

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