Application submitted for the Old Street Tavern, Ludlow’s latest micro-pub

No 4 Old Street has had more changes of use than many buildings in the town centre. One the edge of the primary shopping area, just off the primary pedestrian thoroughfare from Tower Street to King Street, over the last decade or so the building has been a restaurant, a bookshop, a tattoo parlour, an off license, a florist, a micro-bar and a cocktail bar. The latest proposal from Roger Bowles is to convert the property into a micro pub which plans suggest will be called the Old Street Tavern.

Shropshire Council to hold “watershed review” of ambulance crisis

Councillors have welcomed the proposed “watershed review” in the ambulance crisis and related issues in Shropshire. The proposal for an inquiry into the growing delays with ambulances attending patients and handover times once the ambulances arrive at the county’s two A&Es, was first made in February this year by Tracey Huffer. The chair of the Performance Management Scrutiny Committee told the council’s cabinet on Wednesday that the review would take place over three days. The review is expected to look at: prevention, primary care and 111 arrival at A&E and admittance to hospital discharge from hospital.

Barclays Bank ATM to be removed

A listed building application published yesterday proposes removal of the ATM at Barclays on King Street (22/03177/LBC). This is one of the most popular ATMs in town and there are often queues at weekends and during festivals. It will be a shame to lose it but its loss is inevitable with Barclays closing on 26 August. Removal of the ATM is part of a refurbishment of 3 King Street to return the building to its previous pre-bank condition. The ATM was inserted through a window which will be reconstructed once the ATM is removed. We will still five external cash tills in the town centre, three outside the centre and four in-store tills.

Planners recommend approving turning Golden Moments into a house

It is not unexpected but it is disappointing. Shropshire Council planners are recommending that the controversial application to convert Golden Moments into a house be approved by the Southern Planning Committee next Tuesday (22/01790/FUL). I don’t agree with officers’ reasoning and will making my views known to fellow committee members next week. There are planning grounds for turning this application down. There is no obligation on committee members to accept the recommendation from officers, otherwise what would be the point of having a planning committee? Town centres should bustling places. They should have places to eat. Places to meet friends. Places to laugh. Places to enjoy good food. This move to close a popular business will be damaging to the vitality and economy of our town centre.

How to keep your pets safe in a heatwave

As temperatures reach uncomfortably high levels, pets are likely to struggle with the heat. Here’s how to keep them safe during the heatwave. Animals kept in a cage or hutch may find it hard to escape the heat as the sun moves around the garden, so you may need to move them or create shade for them. While cats can get out and about, they often find their way into buildings such as greenhouses and sheds. If they get shut in, the risk of heatstroke is high, so always check sheds and garages for cats before you close them up at night. For pets that are allowed outdoors, such as cats and dogs, try to provide cool, shady places for them to lie down. And make sure all pets have access to fresh water so they can stay hydrated. Providing water for pets to lie or play in can also be a great way to help them keep cool. Other ways to help pets cope include offering cool surfaces to lie on and offering frozen treats to keep them stay comfortable and entertained. Fans and air conditioning are another great way to keep your pets cool.

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