Town Council town walls statement tells us little other than the delays to repairs will continue

On 18 February, it will be eleven years since a section of the town walls bounding St Laurence’s churchyard collapsed. Some maintenance has been done to prevent further decay. Consultants have reported on the work needed to repair the scheduled monument to a heritage standard. Archaeological surveys have been conducted. Beyond that, years have passed by without the repairs beginning. Yesterday, Ludlow Town Council issued a statement on progress on repairing the walls. This tells us little beyond the statement it made in April 2022, except that it is once again engaged in a legal argument on who is responsible for the repairs. The Diocese of Hereford does not have responsibility. Closed graveyards become the responsibility of the local authority. Ludlow Town Council has always been reluctant to take on responsibility for the repairs. For the last seven years, the town council has accepted responsibility for “leading on the repairs” […]

Licence application for eight large events at Ludlow Castle approved

Shropshire Council’s licencing subcommittee has approved an application from Festival Sounds for eight large events at Ludlow Castle. The castle is already licenced for events up to 4,999 people every day of the year. This approval will allow events with up to 7,999 people attending. The application was fiercely opposed by residents nearby who suffer from noise during major events. There was strong support across the wider town for an increase in entertainment in Ludlow and the footfall generated by the events. The hearing took place on Tuesday and the verdict has now been issued. It can only be challenged by legal action. I have a lot of sympathy for the residents. We also need to look after the needs of the broader town. If I had been able to attend the hearing on Tuesday, I would have argued for fewer large events. Noise and behaviour during the concerts will […]

Empty shops: Ludlow has a lot, it has a lot to offer – we need to help it back to full health

Ludlow is still a lively town and well worth visiting to shop and explore its heritage, cafes restaurants, pubs market and really good shops. But it cannot be hidden that there are more empty shops than there used to be. At present there are 23 vacant retail units in the town centre. In November 2017, there were just seven vacant units the lowest number for years. The empty shops are more obvious in Ludlow than they have ever been, particularly on  King Street. The recent closure of the Fruit Basket on Church Street was another blow to the town centre. But it is not all gloom and doom. And there are clear signs of a revival, including on King Street. Shops are being refurbished and new tenants moving in. We need a task force to promote short term improvements while the town centre recovers.

Shropshire Council plans to increase car parking charges, including in Ludlow

Yesterday, Shropshire Council’s cabinet agreed to a public consultation on increases in parking charges across the county. There are increases in costs for on street and off street parking in Ludlow of 20p an hour. Charges will also be increased for permits to park on street. Car park season tickets will increase steeply. The aim is to raise more money for the cash strapped council to improve the maintenance of car parks and increase parking staff. In Shrewsbury, there is the additional aim of discouraging cars from parking in the loop. Across the county, the new changes will raise an estimated extra £2 million a year, of which about £1.5m will be from Shrewsbury. These increases in charges are unwelcome. There should be no change in charges until the park and ride service is improved. That means resurfacing the car park on the Eco Park and increasing the frequency of […]

M&S Food store approved for outskirts of Ludlow

Shropshire Council’s Southern Planning Committee this afternoon approved the application for a foodstore off Sheet Road outside the A49 bypass. There were concerns about the impact the store will have on the town centre. Committee members were more concerned about the safety of pedestrians crossing Sheet Road between the Eco Park bus stops, Ledwyche Rise and the M&S site. There was a motion to delay a decision until the committee had more information on what improvements could be made to the current plans for Sheet Road but that was defeated on a majority vote. The committee went on to approve the application and delegate to officers resolving the issues on Sheet Road.

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