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Most of Thursday night and yesterday was taken up with verification of ballot papers, aims to ensure that any ballot paper cast in a polling station is included in the count. Counting began at 7.30pm and nine seats were declared. It was a night of celebration for the Greens who gained two seats and have a high expectation of gaining a third.

It is “take your pen to vote day” – polls are open from 7am to 10pm

Remember to wear your mask and take a pen or pencil. If you forget, pencils will be available but will be single use which is not a good use of resources. If you forget your mask, and who does these days, you will not be allowed into the polling station. You do not need a polling card to vote or any proof of identity. Find your polling station. Some people have not received their postal votes. They should ring elections on 0345 678 9015 to check they can vote in person at the polling station if they are able to get there. They could also contact their local unitary councillor who should have access to the latest electronic update of the electoral roll though many councillors will be out on last minute campaigning.

Elections 2021: Ludlow Town Council nominations announced – I am disappointed by the lack of new faces

I confess I am disappointed. There are fifteen seats on Ludlow Town Council. But there are only two candidates for the 6 May election who don’t already sit on the council. One is me and I am elected unopposed to Gallows Bank Ward, the area I live in. That makes sense to me as I deal with a lot of local issues already. Another new face is Alan Tapley, who will standing in Bringewood Ward. This will be the only contested election on 6 May. Everyone else is elected unopposed. No one is standing for Clee View Ward. Those two seats will be co-opted, as will a vacant seat on Hayton Ward unless the town council decides to hold by-elections. I favour by-elections because councillors co-opting only appoint people in their own image and the co-optees rarely prove to be innovators. All councils need new faces and new ideas. Councils and councillors need to face a degree of challenge. Challenge focuses the mind and drives innovation rather than the same old thing drifting on. I am disappointed that more people have not put their name forward.

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