Here we go again – another fire was lit on Gallows Bank tonight

It is only eight days since the last fire but once again vandals have built a bonfire on Gallows Bank.

We had a sense of déjà vue this evening as Mel the Collie and myself strolled onto the bank from Dark Lane. That was at 18.45 and the fire was well ablaze. Two men in beanie hats were feeding it with branches. As we approached, they ran off.


I don’t know what is happening here. It seems some rubbish is being burnt but the guys responsible were also piling on branches. This was not a big fire and it won’t spread at this time of the year. The landscape is far too wet. But these fires are damaging an area that is a public amenity and wildlife area.

As this is the second incident I have seen, I will report it to our local West Mercia police team. If you have any information, please report it via 101.

Thanks again to our fire and rescue team for turning out to extinguish the fire. Their resources could be better used that dealing with idiotic fires like this.

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