Thank you everyone. Our Ludlow team has been re-elected with increased majorities. This post gives the detailed results for Ludlow and Clee and a summary of the results for Shropshire unitary council.

Ludlow East. Tracey Huffer re-elected for the Liberal Democrats with 64% of the vote – up from 50% in 2013. Turnout: 35%.

Ludlow North. Andy Boddington re-elected for the Liberal Democrats with 69% of the vote – up from 45% in 2014. Turnout: 43%.

Ludlow South. Vivienne Parry re-elected for the Liberal Democrats with 66% of the vote – up from 47% in 2013. Turnout: 44%

Clee. Richard Huffer re-elected for the Liberal Democrats with 61% of the votes – up from 49% in 2013. Turnout: 49%.

This was a challenging election campaign. We felt the shift in mood the moment the general election was announced. People began to talk about national issues and our local election became more politicised. But our support held up. Across the county, the Liberal Democrats lost only one seat. We’d have perhaps won more without national politics swamping the media. And if the parties opposing the Conservatives locally had collaborated.

The scores on Shirehall’s doors are:

Party No of councillors
3 May 2017
No of councillors
5 May 2017
Conservative 46 49 +3
Liberal Democrats 13 12 -1
Labour 9 8 -1
Independent 5 4 -1
Green 1 1 0
Party 2013 vote 2013 % 2017 vote 2017 % % change
in share
Conservatives 37,431 42% 51,215 49% +7%
Labour 17,592 20% 16,665 16% -4%
Liberal Democrats 15,979 18% 21,496 20% +2%
Green 1,080 1% 7,850 7% +6%
UKIP 9,338 11% 944 1% -10%
Independent 6,387 7% 6,737 6% -1%

Ordinarily, we would return to normal straight after a local election. We can certainly get some matters fixed that were held up by campaigning and the pre-election period known as purdah. But the general election, with its wider purdah, will be with us for another month. After that, I am sure most of us will be heartily fed up with politics for a goodly while.

Thank you again for your support and for turning out to vote for us. The turnout for the four divisions in Ludlow and Clee was 41%. That’s really good for a local election. It’s a tribute to the determination of all of us to ensure that Ludlow’s voice is heard in a rapidly changing world.

We’ll work hard to support you all over the next four years.

Results for Ludlow and Clee

2013 Results

Ludlow East Huffer, Tracey Liberal Democrats 467 50.5%
Lyle, Diane Lesley Conservative 210 22.7%
Sheward, Colin Eric James Labour 184 20.0%
Jones, Imogen Green 64 7.0%
Ludlow North Taylor-Smith, Rosanna Conservative 505 40.4%
Boddington, Andy Liberal Democrats 420 33.6%
Woodward, Chris UKIP 126 10.1%
Hooper, James Anthony Labour 109 8.7%
Newman, Frances Michelle Green 69 5.5%
Leyton-Purrier, Jennifer Independent 21 1.7%
Ludlow South Parry, Vivienne Liberal Democrats 639 47.2%
Taylor-Smith, Martin Alan Conservative 415 30.6%
Perks, Graeme Independent 182 13.4%
Knott, Maurice UKIP 119 8.8%
Clee Richard Huffer Liberal Democrats 721 48.7%
WHEELER, James Vashon Conservative 654 44.2%
MANN, Sam Labour 105 7.1%

Ludlow North 2014 Result

After the resignation of Rosanna Taylor-Smith, a byelection was held on 13 March 2014.

Ludlow North Boddington, Andy Liberal Democrats 579 45.3%
Bevington, Anthony Gerard Conservative 382 29.9%
Sweeney, Danny Labour 94 7.4%
Perks, Graeme Independent 223 17.4%

Turnout 45.8%. In 2013, the turnout was 40%.

 2017 Results

Ludlow East Huffer, Tracey Liberal Democrats 678 64.2%
Price, Patricia Ann Conservative 235 22.3%
Sheward, Colin Eric James Labour 143 13.5%
Ludlow North Boddington, Andy Liberal Democrats 897 68.9%
Harris, Simon Richard Conservative 303 23.3%
Woodward, Christopher UKIP 48 3.7%
Senior, Linda Mary Green 54 4.2%
Ludlow South Parry, Viv Liberal Democrats 918 65.8%
Pizzoni, Fiona Margaret Conservative 376 27.0%
Penn, Michael John Labour 101 7.2%
Clee Huffer, Richard Liberal Democrats 899 61.0%
Wheeler, James Vashon Conservative 575 39.0%
3 thought on “Shropshire Council Elections 2017: The results for Ludlow and Clee”
  1. Congratulations to you all, with thanks for all you achieve for the residents of Ludlow.
    J and J Herbertson.

  2. Well done Andy , it just goes to show that if one is prepared to put in time and effort , they will get the rewards .

  3. All congrats from an out-of-Ludlow Wenlockian.

    We had no chance to elect Town or Shrop reps, so the standing Con was returned. This rep is the one who, when I complained about Boris et al not being held to account for their promises to pay £350 M per week to the NHS, offered me a “you-poor-little-man” sneer and declared “Malcolm, it is just politics”.

    I replied “No, David. It is lies” … and repaired elsewhere before I could be accused of assault. How low can you go?

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