Updated at 14.30pm. I’ll be back in the morning with an update on the trains.

We had a couple of inches of extra snow in Ludlow overnight. Many side roads are still snowed up.

Main roads are looking good for careful drivers. Many side roads need to wait for the thaw which has begun.

Below are the updates on buses, trains and services in Ludlow.


The A49 is passable with care. Live updates on Facebook.

Ludlow main roads are slushy. Take care if you must travel. Side roads haven’t improved since yesterday.


Minsterley Motors were going to attempt to run the 435 bus in both directions between Shrewsbury and Ludlow from 9.30. I hear it is running.

In Ludlow, the 701 town bus service remains suspended. The 722 is operating up Henley Road and down Sheet Road. It will not serve estate roads.

The Ludlow Knighton service is running. No sign of the Leominster bus.


No trains so far and none expected through Ludlow on the Shrewsbury to Cardiff line. Arriva Trains has tweeted on those services running:

10:29am. Arriva has just given information on replacement buses. There are none.

The company says it will assess the situation for Sunday and Monday overnight:

We will be assessing the impact of weather overnight and will publish changes overnight. Advice to customers is: Only consider travel if absolutely essential Be aware that ‘Do not travel’ notices may be issued at short notice.

Arriva is also saying nothing on whether it has enough fit rolling stock to resume a full service when the weather improves. So, it remains uncertain when we will get a full service back.


Ludlow Market is closed but most shops, pubs and restaurants plan to open.

Swift’s Bakery is not going to be defeated by the weather

No milk today at the Co-op so far

The post must get through
but don’t expect deliveries on snowed up estate roads

10am: The Co-op is open for petrol but out of most fresh goods including bread and milk. Tesco is well stocked. Aldi is out of fresh food and bread and getting low on milk. Supplies may improve later. Butchers and Price the Bakers open.

Ludlow Market will remain closed Monday (and Tuesday)


Ludlow Maternity Unit is closed tonight from 8pm to 8am Sunday. Hold on to those babies ladies!

Ludlow Hospital is only seeing essential or critical and essential patients until Monday.

Teme Leisure

Limited operation. Information on  Facebook.

Ludlow Library

Closed today.

3 thought on “Live updates on snow disruption in Ludlow, Saturday 3 March”
  1. Whatever you get paid Bodders, for the service you provvide to us with your blogs it is not enough…

  2. Thank you Andy, this information is enormously helpful as we try to get back to Ludlow from Manchester today. Our flight from Nuremburg yesterday arrived a little delayed but the onward journey to Ludlow was not possible due to conditions & cancellations on road and rail.
    We have managed to find trains to Shrewsbury via Crewe and are hoping that the Minsterley bus service will get us to Ludlow. ??

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