In the two seat ward of Oswestry East, Chris Schofield and John Price won for the Conservatives with a combined total of 1,556 votes. The two Green candidates, Jay Moore and Olly Rose, gained 947 votes. That’s a healthy improvement the Green vote of 540 in 2017.

There might be a couple of themes here. The Green Party is growing in confidence and strength here and across the country. And in Shropshire people are saying they that have had enough of the council leadership dragging its feet on the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis.

In another two-seater, Julia Buckley gained a seat in Bridgnorth West and Tasley for Labour and Les Winwood was returned for the Tories. But the Greens only polled 130 votes.

Key Lib Dem seats have yet to be declared.

The Greens have also taken Bowbrook and Oswestry South from the Tories. They gained 447 votes in Corvedale from a standing start.

Oswestry East

  • Lee Bennett (LD) 76
  • Graeme Currie (Lab) 324
  • Romer Hoseason (LD) 70
  • Jay Moore (Green) 501
  • John Price (Con) 889
  • Olly Rose (Green) 446
  • Chris Schofield (Con) 667.

Bridgnorth West & Tasley

  • Rachel Connolly (Lab) 669
  • Julia Buckley (Lab) 1,321
  • David Cooper (LD) 336
  • Robert Cunning (Green) 60
  • Susan Cunning (Green) 70
  • Jonathan Holland (Con) 711
  • Richard Stilwell (LD) 282
  • Les Winwood (Con) 920.

Apologies, an earlier version of this article said Oswestry West not East

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